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Tipping Rate Schedule

Rate/cy Material Type
$   0.00 Debagged leaves or grass free of contaminants, manures and bedding
$   1.00 Chipped/shredded brush and limbs, sawdust, wood shavings, etc. free of contaminants
$   2.00 Tree trimmings, brush, limbs and prunings less than 4" diameter
$   5.00 Mixed loads of brush and logs greater than 4" & less than 12" logs
$   6.00 Food waste (free of plastic, glass, metal, etc.), call for exceptions
$   9.00 Tree limbs larger than 4" and less than 12"
$ 10.00 Bagged grass and leaves
$ 10.00 "Pull-Offs"
$   x.xx Liquid wastes (Please Ask for quote)

We are now accepting clean Concrete & Brick

Starting July 2016 price for tipping of brush and trimmings will increase from $2.00 to $3.00 per cubic yard.

A mixed load is when 50% or more of the load is brush and the remainder of the load is limbs not greater than 12" in diameter and the entire load will be charged at $5.00 per cubic yard price.

Any load not meeting this criteria wil be charged at the individual components price of $2.00 per cubic yard for brush and $9.00 per cubic yard for the larger material "not exceeding 12" diameter".

For other organic materials, liquid wastes, or contract rates, please call or visit our website for additional information.

The minimum charge for any fee based load is $10.00.

Contaminated loads will forfeit their tipping (dump) fee AND will be assessed a $100.00 per load reloading fee.

Nature's Way Resources is an organic waste recycling facility, as defined in the Texas Register under Title 30, Chapter 332, operating under MSW Authorization #47028. Prohibited materials include: creosote, CCA treated wood, painted wood, glass, metal, plastic, asphalt, roofing shingles, etc. Violators will be prosecuted and dumping privileges revoked.

July 4, 2015