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MULCH: Yard 1/2 Yard
Azalea Mulch 60.00 45.00
Native (fresh ground) 14.00 n/a
Native (fresh ground, Screened Coarse) 27.00 n/a
Native (fresh ground, Screened Medium) 25.00 n/a
Native Double Ground(aged) 28.00 n/a
Native Double Ground (fresh) 20.00 n/a
Native Hardwood (Aged & Screened Super Coarse) 43.00 32.25
Native Hardwood (Aged & Screened Coarse) 45.00 33.75
Native Hardwood (Aged & Screened Medium) 52.00 39.00
Pathway Mulch (Screened Coarse) 25.00 n/a
Pine Straw Bales 25.00 n/a
COMPOST: Cubic Yard 1/2 Yard
Fungal Based Compost (screened fine) 65.00 48.75
Fungal Based Compost (screened medium) 60.00 45.00
Leaf Mold Compost (farm use compost) 60.00 n/a
Leaf Mold (screened fine) 80.00 60.00
Leaf Mold (screened medium) 70.00 52.50
Leaf Mold Plus Turf Mix (screened medium) 92.00 69.00
50-50 Mix (medium leaf mold & medium fungal compost) 70.00 52.50
LANDSCAPING SOIL BLENDS: (Other mixes by request) Cubic Yard 1/2 Yard
Bio-swale mixed by request n/a n/a
Blueberry Blend 82.00 61.50
Cactus/Desert Mix 60.00 45.00
Citrus Mix 82.00 61.50
Commercial Landscape Mix 33.00 24.75
Divot Mix (with medium compost compost) 60.00 45.00
Divot Mix G.S. (with medium compost) 61.00 45.75
Garden & Flowerbed Mix 60.00 45.00
Garden & Flowerbed Mix Plus 70.00 52.50
Garden & Flowerbed Mix + Lite 72.00 54.00
Green Roof Mix Basic (custom blends available) 130.00 97.50
Herb Mix 75.00 56.25
Landscape Mix 50.00 37.50
Lawn Mix 45.00 33.75
Potting Mix 101.00 75.75
Rose Soil 83.00 62.25
Scrapings 35.00 26.25
Seed Starter Mix 90.00 67.50
TOPSOIL: Cubic Yard 1/2 Yard
Fill Dirt 19.00 n/a
Enriched Loam 45.00 29.70
SAND: (Call office for prices) Cubic Yard 1/2 Yard
Concrete Sand
Mortar/Playground Sand (washed white)
Torpedo Sand
ROCK: (Call office for prices) Cubic Yard 1/2 Yard
Basalt (crushed #5, dark gray)
Basalt (crushed 1", dark gray)
Bull Rock
Granite 1/4"-1/2"
Granite 1/2" (crushed)
Granite 1/4" (crushed)
Mixed Rock/Septic Rock
Limestone roadbase (flex base)
Pea Gravel (Brown)
Pea Gravel (Rainbow)
Rainbow Rock (1")
Rainbow Rock (5/8")
River Rock (1-1 1/2")
River Rock (2")
Road Base (wash out)
SOIL AMENDMENTS: (Call office for prices) Cubic Yard 1/2 Yard
Basalt Sand
Expanded Shale
Expanded Shale and Compost Blend (50-50)
Granite Sand
Green Sand (only 17.5 cents per pound in bulk)
Ag-Lime (6 lb. bag)
Alfalfa Meal (15 lb. bag) Seasonal
Alfalfa Meal (50 lb. bag) Seasonal
Blood Meal (2.75 lb.)
Cotton Seed Meal (50 lbs.)Seasonal
Earth's Essentils 5-1-3 (40 lbs.)
Garret Juice Plus 0-3-1 RTU 0-3-1(qt)
Granite Sand (40 lb. bag)
Green Sand Mineral Package (40 lb. bag)
Gypsum (40 lb. bag)
Humate - Microlife (50 lb. bag)
Humate Plus - Microlife (40 lb. bag)
Kelp Meal (50 lb.)
MicroGro Granular (25 lb.)
Microlife 5-1-3 + Brown Patch Control (40 lb.)
Microlife Azalea 6-2-4 (7 lb.)
Microlife Azalea 6-2-4 (40 lb.)
Microlife Citrus (7 lb.)
Microlife Organic Fertilizer 6-2-4 (7 lb.)
Microlife Organic Fertilizer 6-2-4 (40 lb.)
Microlife Ultimate 8-4-6 (40 lb.)
Microlife Vegetables/Flowers 8-4-6(7 lb.)
Molasses (dried, 50 lb.)
Molasses - Liquid (gal.)
Molasses - Liquid(qt.)
Mycrorrhizal Fungi Shaker (12 oz.)
Ocean Harvest Concentrate (qt.)
Ocean Harvest Concentrate (gal.)
Sulfur (4 lb.)
Sulfur (50 lb.)
Super Seaweed Concentrate (qt.)
Super Seaweed Concentrate (gal.)
Worm Castings (5 lb.)
Actinovate SP Fungicide (2 oz.)
Agra Lawn (2 lb.)
Ascend (2 lb.) (2 lb.)
Corn Glutten Crumbs (40 lb.)
Corn Meal (40 lbs.)
Diatomaceous Earth (10 lb.)
EcoSmart Insecticide Killer Concentrate (32 oz.)
EcoSmart Insecticide Granular (10 lb.)
EcoSmart Mosquito Fogger
Garlic Barrier Concentrate (qt.)
Green Light Fire Ant + Spinosad
Insecticdal Soap
Lawn & Garden Spinosad Liquid (1 pt.)
Lawn & Garden Spinosad Liquid (1 qt.)
Mole Max Granules (5 lb.)
Mosquito Barrier (qt.)
Natural Oil (natural dormant oil gal)
Neem Oil (pt.)
Orange Oil Concentrate (qt.)
Patio Candle
Patio Egg
Patio Egg Refill
Potassium Bicarbonate
Rescue Disposal Fly Trap (Regular)
Rescue Disposal Fly Trap (Big Bag)
Rhizanova Tree Transplant (30 oz.)
Thurcide BT Concentrate (pt.)
Vinegar (gal.)
BAGGED PRODUCTS: Call office for prices PRICE
Azalea Mulch (2 cubic ft.)
Native Double Ground Mulch (2 cubic ft.)
Native Hardwood Mulch Coarse (2 cubic ft.)
Native Hardwood Mulch Medium (2 cubic ft.)
Pathway Mulch (screened Medium coarse 2 cubic ft.)
Leaf Mold Compost Medium (40 lb.)
Leaf Mold Compost Fine (40 lb.)
Fungal Based Compost
50-50 Mix (medium leaf mold/medium fungal compost)
Blueberry Blend (40 lb.)
Cactus/Desert Mix (40 lb.)
Citrus Container Mix (40 lb.)
Container Mix (40 lb.)
Garden Mix (40 lb.)
Garden Mix + Lite (40 lb.)
Garden Mix Plus (40 lb.)
Herb Mix (40 lb.)
Landscape Mix (40 lb.)
Potting Mix (40 lb.)
Rose Mix (40 lb.)
Seed Starter Mix (20 lb.)
Seed Starter Mix (40 lb.)
Shale and Compost Blend (30 lb.)
Basalt (crushed, 40 lb.)
Basalt Sand(40 lb.)
Expanded Shale (30 lb.)
Granite (Crushed 40 lb.)
Granite Sand (10 lb.)
Granite Sand (40 lb.)
Green Sand Mineral Package(40 lb.)
Gypsum (40 lb.)
BOOKS: (Call office for prices) PRICE
"A Garden Book for Houston", River Oaks Garden Club
"Attracting Beneficial Bugs", Jessica Walliser
"Bringing Nature Home", Douglas W. Tallamy
"Gulf Coast Gardening " by Randy Lemon, 2nd Edition
" Texas Tough Gardening " by Randy Lemon
" Native Texas Plants " , Wasowski
"Organic Management for the Professional, Garret, Ferguson, Amaranthus
"Plants for Houston and the Gulf Coast" by Howard Garret
"Teaming with Microbes -A Gardener's..." by J. Lowenfels & W. Lev
"Teaming with Nutrients " by J. Lowenfels & W. Lev
"Texas Bug Book" by Howard Garret & C. Malcolm Beck
"Year Round Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers for Metro Houston" by Bob Randall, Phd     .

Notes: We do not use sewage sludge, ash or dyes in any of our products. Prices are subject to change without notice and subject to availability.  All prices are F.O.B. our location. Delivery charges are extra and based on distance and time required.