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  • Compost provides primary nutrients as well as trace minerals, humus and humic acids, in a proportion that almost exactly matches plant requirements. Compost also helps unlock minerals present in existing soil. Why waste money on fertilizers when you do not have to.
  • Compost is a food source for earthworms, beneficial insects and microorganisms that prevent disease. Compost helps prevent many soil borne diseases, it contains Nematode destroying fungus and compost is used as a treatment for many plant diseases such as "Brown Patch", "damping off" and many other plant diseases. Why spend money on dangerous synthetic chemicals?
  • Compost helps tight clay soil become more friable and breathe while helping sandy loose soils hold water and nutrients better. Compost helps increase air spaces, drainage and aeration of soils and resists compaction. Compost helps soils hold and store water better and still allow the soil to breathe. Saves time and the expense of water on lawns and plants.
  • Compost contains growth promoting hormones for plants that encourages plants to develop a large healthy root zone (wider and deeper) which helps plants tolerate drought conditions, insects and disease. Why spend money on dangerous chemicals and replacing valuable plants?
  • Compost acts as a buffer against chemicals and absorption of dangerous heavy metals by plants. Microbes in compost break down hazardous chemical pollutants from pesticides and herbicides to oil and diesel fuel. Using compost make your yard safer for children to play in and for family pets.
  • Compost helps buffer soils against extremes in acidity or alkalinity (high or low pH) and compost tea is an excellent foliar fertilizer and natural fungicide.
  • Each year we use compost the soil becomes healthier and we get better plants. Using compost saves consumers lots of money, with the benefits increasing each year. Compost is made from 100% recycled materials diverted from landfills or being burned hence using compost helps the environment in other ways.
  • That's why compost is often referred to as "BLACK GOLD" = It saves $$$, Time, and Work!


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