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Basic Lawn Care

3 Simple Steps to Save $$$


2) Apply COMPOST


Organic Fertilizers do not leach and pollute our streams; hence, they are only used 2 times per year instead of 4-5 times as with synthetic fertilizers.  Synthetic fertilizers kill off beneficial microorganisms in the soil, so we get more insect, disease and weed problems. This is why they are called synthetic or artificial fertilizers as they are not good for people, pets or plants. Organic fertilizers help the good microorganisms grow stronger so one gets less disease and less insect problems.

Compost is often called "Black Gold" by experienced gardeners as it does so many good things for the soil.  Good compost is loaded with microorganisms that prevent disease, cycle nutrients, and create soil structure. It is also full of carbon which is needed by earthworms and other soil life forms.  Humus in compost helps increase the water holding capacity of all soils, hence reducing plant stress.  The microorganisms in compost help release the nutrients in the organic fertilizer and trace minerals and make them available to plants without polluting the environment.  Earthworms and microbes eat the compost and create good soil structure in the process allowing proper aeration which helps prevent diseases.

Trace Minerals are to plants as vitamins are to humans and animals.  Plants do not need a lot of trace minerals, but with out them they easily get sick and may eventually die. Most weeds grow better in soils without trace minerals.  Trace minerals allow microbes to absorb nitrogen from the air and give it to the plant.  Trace minerals allow plants to have stronger immune systems so they can withstand disease and drought stress better.  Texas greensand, granite sand, products like Eco-MinTM   and seaweed extracts or fish emulsions are good sources of trace minerals.

When these 3 simple steps are followed, lawns use far less water, have less weed and insect problems, the lawns are a rich beautiful green color, they are safe for children and pets to play on and one saves a lot of time and money.

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